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Friday, January 20, 2006


I suppose there comes a time in every one's life where all their good friends start having babies in rapid succession. And my time has come.

Trouble is, my alarm clock had already started audibly ticking away late last spring, as my friend Jess can attest. Jess & Bri got pregnant last March. From the moment we knew, I pelted weekly emails at her. "How you doing? How's the baby doing? Can you still see your feet?..." That sort of stuff. Thanks, J, for being such a good sport about the whole thing! We're living vicariously through you!

And last night, I got to meet baby Quinn. whooboy. She's beautiful. I'm not just being all baby-crazy either. See? I just wanted to squish her! Thankfully, Jess let me hold her for a good, looong time. I'll be back tomorrow, Jess, ok??

aside to RB & JH: seeeee what you get for moving out of state and leaving us? i get to hold the babby! thbbbbbbbbbt!

Sorry, I'm recovered now. So then, I have baby dreams all night. And when I get to work this morning, there's this:This, dear reader, is Isabel, and my best friend from college, Lizzie. Bella is modeling the Zutano jumper given to her for Christmas by yours truly. She, too, needs to be squished. I however, need a cold shower.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous Lizzie said...

If I had known that pic was going to end up on the internet I would have, like, brushed my hair first.
Meh, well, at least Isabel is cute enough for the two of us!
As for your will happen soon enough. And believe me, there is no going back! It used to drive me crazy when people would tell me to enjoy non-Mommy things as much as possible. But soon enough you'll find yourself looking back and saying "Gosh, remember when I used to be able to sleep late/eat a hot meal/go an entire day without singing 'the Hokey Pokey'...that was nice...


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