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Friday, July 06, 2007


At 8:51pm, I've just returned inside from the most delicious summer night out on the porch. The bebe is sleeping (!) and I've finished a couple glasses of wine and a few pages of "An American Romance".

They say the grass is greener, and sometimes it definitely is. I often miss the places of my youth, the beach, the garden state, and all the hassles and crush that go with it. I miss Manasquan and I miss stores devoted entirely to one thing. Baked goods. Books. Vegetables. Shoes. Surfing gear. Ice cream. Party supplies. I miss Maryland. Crabs caught with chicken necks. Sweltering heat. Drunken swimming in the river. Moths the size of small aircraft. God help me, even cramming a dozen deep into a dorm room for bong hits and Bob Dylan. Computer games and Dungeons and Dragons in 110-degree heat in a mouldering house. Playing barmaid to rednecks in an actual bar-wench costume.

Despite all these things, tonight I am glad to be here in Vermont. Quiet Vermont. Buggy Vermont. Tonight, out on the porch, I've been reminded why this place is glorious, if only for 2 and a half months out of the year. The sun setting on the hills, the drone of a lawnmower competing with the cows grazing in the field below. Cars, louder than you would expect going by. Peace and grass smells and a kitty on your lap. And a book.

Since there's only one other person (darling BLB & Co.) who also gets to enjoy summer in Vermont, I thought it might be well to mention that we have extra beds, and there is nothing so pleasant as company, when it's people you haven't seen in Forever, or when they're kindred spirits. I have nothing going on until the last week in August (Hilton Head, yay!!!). Need a long weekend? A break from the city? A breath of fresh, if somewhat cow-ish air? There are airports. We're not far off the interstate. Drop a line. Take a day off work, and come visit!


melinda, Glenn, & Liam


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Melissa said...

I can report to you that Manasquan is still full of adorable shops - including a bead shop which has become one of my new favs (and I presume it may be one of yours as well if you were down this way) and our newest is re.juice.a.nation.(a smoothie/ juice shop). I still wonder how these places stay in business, but they do. Stephen and I spent the early part of the week and this weekend biking to and from the beach. I'll have to send you my most recent shots from doggie beach.

I am glad to see that the bean is doing better -- that scar hurts me too. Poor bean and definitely poor you and Glenn, but I am glad that the worst is behind you now.

Hugs from Squan...

At 12:00 PM, Anonymous MikeRiskin said...

beautiful, just beautiful. you made me miss my youth....

Love from all of us to all of you~


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