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Monday, April 17, 2006

monday monday

Reader, I bought the dress. I loooove it. It's green and all swishy, and it fits, it hides all the things it need to, and accentuates all the stuff it should. Glenn says he not sure he wants me to wear it out of the house. Silly.

The garden is tilled, and the peas are all snug in their beds. I cannot wait for peas. And arugula. My back is letting me know just how much it resents my breaking in a new bed with the tiller on Saturday. Tough cookies though, because today Mark & I ride. Day 1 of the 2006 cycling season is upon us. I've been training at the gym, but being on the road is a lot, lot different. Pass the Advil.

So. About Friday's post. I've been thinking about St. Mary's recently. Why? Well, not entirely sure but it most likely has to do with the following:

1.) Vacation. Apart from the honeymoon, I haven't had one since college. And they 're going to share a lot of features. It's a beach vacation. We're driving an impossibly long way to get there. We're taking two cars down, caravan-like. When we get there, we're going to live on Corona and fish. Ring a bell to anyone? I'm awful glad to be sleeping in a bed this time.

2.) Music. I'm an addict. I come from the Bob Murphy School of Musicology and Appreciation. Am slowly replacing my completely destroyed CD collection with digital. So much of it is evocative of those days. You know how sometimes you smell something and get a totally visceral memory--like you're reliving something for a split second? That's music for me.

3.) People. I like those people. Saying hi to Megan again was terrific. Looking up Porter was hard, but I'm so glad I did. I'm always going to love Lizzie to death. 'Nuff said.

I've always steered clear on the angst-driven journalling world, and have NO intention of becoming that sort of blogger. There's too much good stuff to write about. That being said, I totally agree with Lizzzie's feeling concerning the SMC years. So, so many mistakes. So many lost opprotunities of doing things right. It took so long to heal, to look inside, to change, and to never be that person again. So why do I want to open it all back up? Because I do. We lived that life, loved, fought, and we should take as much good from it as we possibly can. There was a lot of good, a lot of love too. It's seems such a shame to relinquish all that along with all the stuff we'd rather forget. A slippery slope indeed.

We all have about a gazillion things going on at once, I know. So how to go about this? I've got an idea...


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