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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is this it? Take One

I've been candidly encouraging Liam to arrive early for a while now. I might be getting my wish. Or I could just be beginning a long round of, "Is this it? Or this? How about now?"

For the past 24 hours, I've been experiencing cramps. Justs like I'm getting my period. They're mostly mild, but they're constant and not showing any signs of going away. Every time I got to sleep last night, they'd wake me up within the hour.

They don't feel like contractions, but what the hell do I know about birthing a baby? I do know that I'm not experiencing any other symptoms of being in labor. Not one. So something makes me think I'm going to be having this same conversation with myself next week. And then again the week after that.

The midwife says that if this is real labor, then they won't stop it. I'm so torn. Am I ready for this? Yes. And hell no. Aaargh.

What I do know is that I didn't think it could be any more uncomfortable to be at work all day, and now I know better.

Wish me luck peeps. Or, if you've been through this before, send comforting messages with tips on how to make it another three weeks, if I'm not in labor. le sigh


At 5:19 PM, Anonymous jbq said...

Well, it could be it. Or not. I thought I was in labor twice before I actually was. And then the time that I was, I thought it was false labor.

About being uncomfortable . . . I don't think I figured out a way to avoid it. Well, except having the baby. That worked really well . . .

Good luck--Love you!

At 9:09 AM, Blogger Auntie Amanda said...

Good luck! I delivered three weeks early with my first and really did not realize I was in labor until about 2 hours before she was born, so I am wishing you the same easy first labor I had! I hope little Liam is everything you have ever hoped for!

At 9:30 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I don't think Alex would've come out without every tool and method known to modern obstetrics. And I only thought I was in labor once and had broken water, but I wasn't and apparently I had peed my pants.

Brady came out quite fine on his own, although I thought I was in labor several times in the last month.

Go figure - and good luck! Take as many naps now as you can!!!


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