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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Letters to my Baby Boy - Week 30

Congratulations bebe, we are now officially in our third trimester! Yeehaw. Only ten more weeks to go, not that I'm counting.

There's been so much going on that I'm having a hard time determining where to begin this letter.

It's finally beginning to feel like winter around here. Which is a good thing. We've got the woodstove going, and the house in nice and cozy. Correction. The ambient temperature is nice and cozy. The house itself is not nice and cozy because we are still renovating. Your mama is a few steps away from breaking out in hives as a result.

Your dad had back surgery a few weeks ago, and he's doing well now, but the recovery was a bit rockier than we anticipated. He's not allowed to go back to work yet. Nor can he be doing renovations. So we're dependant on the mercy of your grandfathers to help us finish up. This has made things...complicated. From materials to work ethic, they're as different as night and day. Kinda like Bob Villa and Homer Simpson building a house together. I won't insult your intuition by telling you who is'll know firsthand soon enough!

That brings us to your room. Your great-grandmother sent you money for baby presents, and you got the coolest dresser and wardrobe. Like it?

Even before we bought these, I didn't want you to have a boring baby room. I ripped up the gross carpet and put down laminate flooring that looks like fake hardwood, but can take a beating. And I didn't want to paint the walls blue. Again, too boring! So I bought paint that is actually close to the green in the photo here. But...that's where the resemblance ends. It is HORRIBLE. It's fluorescent, and the finish makes it look different colors in different areas. Your grandpa Murphy said some things you are not allowed to hear while he was painting it on. That was before what he had applied began to peel back off the walls. Don't ask. Your mom totally cannot play the paint game. So your grandpa has to come back again to fix it this weekend. We're thinking a nice, neutral light blue.

I would really like your room to come out nice. If the paint doesn't melt the camera, I'll try to take some pictures before we paint over it.

So...Christmas. It's my favorite. Your auntie Nora and I were in Boston this weekend, and we had a Christmas song soundtrack. I'm finding it really, really hard not to buy you Christmas stuff. I can, however, feed you Christmas cookies, and I fully intend to. That's another thing about the house not being done. I can't get my decorations out yet, or get our tree, and it's making me VERY CRANKY. VERY. We did light the porch, but it's not the same. I wonder if you can hear me singing "Baby it's Cold Outside" in the shower. It'll be a constant for a while. It's my favorite holiday song, and my boss Rob's too. Between us, we've got 36 different versions of it. It's good stuff.

This letter is really disjointed, and it's time to get back to work. Lots is happening, not least of which is imagining your activities and your entrance into the world. We've got our baby class this Sunday. I'm getting a little apprehensive, and your dad is NOT helping! He keeps calling you his Giant Baby Boy. Please don't be a giant, kay? That would hurt.

I hope your dreaming of us, cause we're dreaming of you!





At 7:37 PM, Anonymous JBQ said...

the baby's new furniture is AWESOME. Where did you find it?

At 8:36 PM, Anonymous lizzie said...

Ooooh, baby class is so fun! Have a great time!


At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby class is goood. So is the breastfeeding class if you can get one!


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