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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tap tap tap This thing on?


Welcome back to knits and plants, returning from a year-long hiatus that I don't really have a terribly good excuse for. What I can tell you is that the energy required to resuscitate a dormant blog is tremendous. Obviously, the site needs a good dusting, but if I begin with that, you won't see any new content for another three months.

I'm writing from my porch at noon, while looking over the early garden and trying to figure where to begin bringing you up to date. Since I stopped updating this site, here's the short list of things that have changed:
  • We got another Springer Spaniel from Murphy's breeder. Zeke just turned one this week. He's cute, happy, adores Liam, and is as dumb as a post.
  • Liam turned two. Anything I write describing that will be hopelessly redundant.
  • Now that I am no longer pregnant or spending my summer in pediatric intensive care, I am back to gardening. The greenhouse is gone, but we built a number of new raised beds closer to the house (and a water source). I am stoked.
  • I lost my Lola cat. There are no words.
  • After walking on tenterhooks for seven months, I lost my job. I told you people you needed to buy more beautiful, insanely-priced, Vermont-made furniture!
  • The day before I lost said job, we adopted Eiby, a half-Springer, half-Setter 2-year-old who needed a better situation than she had. She and Zeke are made for each other, and the fact that she's a lovely sweetheart who adores me isn't too bad either. 
So that's the rundown. At least it's a better list than 2007. Now I've got to figure out how to survive as an unemployed intellectual in a back-of-beyond corner of Vermont. Thank god summer is coming. And speaking of summer:

It's almost here!! 

And this is where you can find us this summer. Boulder Beach in Groton State forest. A half-hour drive from my house, and heaven on earth.


Liam will come with if he has too, but he'd be just as happy on the tractor with a Budweiser.


At 2:38 PM, Anonymous JBQ+H said...

Welcome back! I missed your blog (and must admit still checked it once a month or so . . . just in case).

And you're not unemployed--you just get paid in kisses and boogies :)

At 7:19 PM, Blogger Amy said...

Glad to see you back. I did not know about Lola, so sorry, we are still coping to the adjustment of life without Pooka, it is really tough! Hopefully Lola and Pooka are enjoying some treats and have lots of space to play and lounge around wherever they are. I am surprised how much I miss our little furball!


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