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Friday, March 10, 2006

...aaaand we're back! Sorry, sorry for falling off the wagon for a while. I don't even have a good reason. But I blog from work, and when there's real work to be done...I know, it's no excuse.

So. I'm prepared to say that my delusions of medalling in the Knitting Olympics were just that...delusions. To date, I'm about 80% done. I really like the blanket, though, so I didn't pitch it into the knitting abyss. It's still on the needles. I poke along.

I haven't had anywhere near the knitting time of yore though, due to my new membership at the local gym. I'm going three times a week, ready to make it four. Go me. I'm so sick of not fitting into any pants that aren't stretchy. I blame cheese. And wine. And having my mother-in-law cook lunch at work every day. Yesterday's plate du jour was shepherd's pie topped with biscuits from a can and a half inch of ground potato chips. JFC. OF course, I didn't eat it, but I only learned how to say no nicely after a year of working here. And by then, the damage was done. I'm a sucker for a grilled cheese.

Also, it's finally thawing outside, and that means sugar season! We're tapping 400 trees this year, and they're just about done. Actually, the boys do the tapping. Carmelita & I are more the boiling-type help. Woohoo. This is Creed tapping last year, but I love this photo.

I'm gearing up for the garden. I've got to find a way to get a dumptruck full of compost to come to my house for a reasonable price. The seeds are all here, except for what I couldn't get because I ordered so late. No haricot verts this year. And soybeans will be in short supply. I'll be trying a lot of peppers, which will be a challenge. Oh, and the motherlode of sunflowers.

Very soon, the house will be transformed into the seedling nursery. I really need a seedling heat mat and some grow lights. Must. not. use. the. credit. card. Perhaps I'll sell my hair instead. Suggestions welcome!


At 10:28 PM, Anonymous Lizzie said...

I'll buy your hair.
Not really, that would be wicked creepy.
I wonder how much you would get for it on ebay? And would you want to give your hair to someone who would buy it on ebay? I mean, it could be someone who was going to use it for good, to like, make wigs for kids with cancer. But it also could be someone who wants to do some crazy voodoo stuff on you.
Sorry, this is what happens when I don't actually have anything meaningful to contribute. Also its late and I'm kinda wired.


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