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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hitting a Stride

I didn't post all weekend due in part to the fact that it would cut into my knitting time, and also due to the gripping panic that set in around Saturday afternoon. As I finished my first out of 16 squares, the enormity of my project began to dawn upon me. What the hell was I thinking? A blanket, for chrissakes? Brilliant. Just fucking brilliant.

Things were rosier on Friday. At two, I got into my purple couch corner and cast on. Then I went back to work.

I picked right up when I got home. Whoops, missed that little note about 4 rows of garter before you beging the patten repeat. Rip out 10 rows. Cast on again. But after 15 rows, I had to reevaluate my gauge. It counted ok, but just looked too loose. Wanting to be a good olympian, and such, I ripped it all out and began again. On a good note, the changing down to size 9s allowed me to go back to bamboo needles instead of the plastic needles of death I thought I would have to use.

By this time, I was on my third (or fourth?) frustrated glass of wine, and the knitting began to slooow downnnn. Hmmm. Better call it quits and head to bed before major disaster strikes.

By midafternoon Saturday, I was already in a panic. A day behind! And this wasn't even a workday! Waah. I only had one square done.

On Sunday the chore monster struck. The dirty dishes in the sink! The dog hair on the floor! Must. Eliminate. The dryer's exhaust was plugged (With lint and screws. Screws, people! It's a good thing that man is cute. And no, this does not mean I will relent and start doing his laundry again.) Then I made bread. And chili for Screw-boy who was away overnight at the ice-fishing derby.

But, ah, after that...
I'm more on track and feeling like if I can manage to stay up until 2 every morning, I might make it. Too soon to tell!


At 3:17 AM, Anonymous Emma in Seattle said...

Looking good, Melinda. Best of luck with finishing all 16 squares.

At 8:23 AM, Anonymous Jessica "Slow as Bones" Stevens said...

You seriously ARE Wonder Woman. Bread, dryer maintenance, and two squares in one day? Nuts. It would take me one year to do two squares. And as much as I'd like to blame that on Quinn, I can't. Good luck!


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