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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

true love

How much do I love this guy? The human one, I mean. We've bought a house together while spending every free minute at the animal hospital trying to convince our doped up, pinned-together dog to eat something. And if two people can get through that, I'm pretty confident we can get through anything. He's happy, crazy funny and totally unafraid to act spastic in front of strangers. And the boy can dance. It must be love.

But the fact that yesterday I came home to freshly swept and scrubbed floors, a clean bathroom and a sinkful of clean dishes? That's why I adore him. Even when he's running around the house doing turkey calls. Even when he goes to bed at 7:30. And yes, even when I'm woken at 5am by a marathon Murphy-Glenn makeout session. In my bed. With both participants talking at the top of their lungs. In their private canine-human hybrid language. Eskimos have thirty different words for snow. Glenn and Murphy have thirty different words for kisses.


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