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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Welcome back. Next, it's time for our favorite segment, "Never a dull moment."

In today's feature, we join the Ferriot family as they deal with the aftermath of an encounter between the logger's dog, Lennox, and favorite family feline, Lola.

(sound of pre-recorded audience gasp) Yup. There she is. That, my friends, is a fifty-foot ladder and a dead, eighty-foot poplar tree.

Glenn did his best to coax her down. No joy.

Let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, once you've witnessed your husband clinging to a dead tree, dodging hysteria-induced poop bombs from your high-strung Abyssinian, you've seen it all.

So, we didn't get her out. As night fell, it began to rain and the temperature was around 40 degrees. Oscar, the other cat, refused to leave the bottom of Lola's tree. It was touching, really. Mom stared out the window until dark, watching for owls, and caculating how cold a seven pound cat can get before she gets hyperthermia and falls out of the tree.

At 11pm, Mom succumbs to the urge to go back outside. She grabs a raincoat and a flashlight. At the bottom of the tree, she finds two shivering, soaked cats. She scoops them up, brings them inside, towels them off, feeds Lola the Voracious, and the whole family goes to bed.

The End.


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