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Monday, June 26, 2006

so long, farewell...

In honor of Jess, Bri, and baby Quinn leaving the Upper Valley, I'm titling this post in honor one of the worst musicals known to humankind. (And since Jess doesn't drive, she can't come hit me!!)

The farewell party at Casa del Ferriot went off well, although I was sorry that the Little People Heffernans couldn't attend. What on earth am I to do with a freezer full of ice pops shaped like Crayolas? Hmmm. Murphy, too, was downcast about it, until he discovered that seven-month-old Quinn adores puppies. She actually put up with having her face kissed, and squealed loudly every time Murphy's attention span sent him wandering off to someone else.

The original UPNE young whippersnappers club met together for most likely the last time for a long time. All original founding members were there: BLB, MF, RB, JH, and JS. Also present was BNSG, honorary member by virtue of being so laid back about our constant chatter regarding knitting, politics, books, and terribly cheesy movies featuring treacly moutaintop song and dance numbers, improbable plot twists and big, bad Nazis...where was I? Oh yes. For putting up with us for all these years. And we weren't shushed once, despite clearly being happy and enjoying the company of one another!

Will you just look at this child? I mean, really. RB, JH and I spent all afternoon scheming to steal her from one another. Except when she wanted to chew on a body part with her two adorable toofs. Then we gave her to Brian. All the same, I kept finding myself wanting to stick her ears, elbows and toes in my mouth. She must be eaten.

This is a great picture. Also, it is amusing, because I was telling Quinn to smile in time for the flash, and JH thought I was commanding her to smile. Kudos to her for not looking like someone was forcing her to smile, dammit. Had it been me, the picture would probably have looked like I was secretly suffering from raging nausea. Oh wait, I am secretly suffering from raging nausea. Damn this secrecy-at-work thing.

Jess, I will miss you soooo much. Promise to not fall off the end of the earth at that school, ok? The Upper Valley Kindred Spirit Club has been losing traitorous, escapist, valuable members in droves lately. BLB and I are going to have to resort to mail-order bosom friends. Or I'll have to develop a window friend a la Anne of Green Gables. And if you actually get that reference, welcome to the seventh level of geekdom.

It was great to see you all. I was v. sad to think of you all returning to your respective states of residence. None of which are VT. Sigh. Miss you and love you!

ps...Any pictures of adults in this post are entirely coincidental and do not reflect the intentions of this author, which were to take as many pictures of the babette as humanly possible in a six-hour period.



At 3:13 PM, Anonymous jessica said...

Such a wonderful day--thank you! And I love that we're in your blog. I will promise to start thinking about blogging myself so one day you can feel as I do when I read yours, as though you're telling everything directly to me. And no one else, of course.

We, as a group and as individuals, are some of my favorite things, along with brown paper packages tied up with string. And since your home is so beautiful, I suggest we meet yearly there, if not more often, to share babies and swap more stories of the myriad smells and consistencies of baby pooh. That must have been what made poor Glenn so ill! But I do hope to see you again before we head south, if Little Lentil and Squeaky Pete permit it.

Love to you!
Jessica (and Quinn)

At 4:51 PM, Anonymous lizzie said...

Hey, that movie is based on a true story! TRUE STORY! We are planning on visiting all the sites from that movie when in Salzburg-very exciting! So no bursting my bubble, kay?


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