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Friday, January 26, 2007

Letters to Liam - Week 38

Dear Sweet Pea,

We're almost there. We've got to be. Have pretty much given up on sleeping or movement without waddling. I'm still showing up for work every day, but I'm not so sure how much longer I'll be keeping that up! I never, never thought it would be so tiring to carry you around with me!

The midwife thinks you're about 6 and a half or 7 pounds. Remember our deal, right? No 10 pound babies and I won't deliberately dress you in pinafores.

Your car seat arrived. It's very cool and silver. I can't believe how complicated the installation instructions are. I'm hoping your Grandpa Murphy shows up before you do so he can install it. He's a much better direction-follower than your dad or I. Having the car seat was the last thing I was fretting over obtaining on time. Can't tell you how much better I feel now. Well, except for the fact that my work still cannot come to a decision about whether you can come to work with me. And they don't see why I'm in such a state over their inability to make a decision. Boo hiss.

I've essentially stopped sleeping again. I just wake up, and there's no chance of getting back to sleep, which is an odd thing for your mama. I can always sleep. Last night, for example, I was up at 2am. I had recorded Masterpiece Theater's Jane Eyre, so we watched that and kept the wood stove cranking, since it was 12 degrees below zero last night. The kitties were happy to join us. They're practicing their pyramid building skills, as at least one always, always claims a space right on top of you. I wonder if you can hear their purring, or if they can hear your heartbeat. Regardless, you appear to provide an acceptable perch for napping.

Your cradle is ready in our room. Your dad is installing the last of the moulding in your room today. I've been washing the clothes I have for you. I think we're about as ready as can be expected.

Ooh, and speaking of being ready...tomorrow is your baby shower! For various reasons, it's an all-in-one shower. There are going to be so many people who love you there. I've been valiantly trying to stay off the registry, but it's so hard! Being only two weeks away from your due date means that I'll have to destroy the majority of pictures, so you don't think your Mama was an enormous, puffy sloth with bad hair.

I'm busy waiting for the arrival of the out-of-staters who are staying with us. The Best in Show award definitely goes to my Aunt Patti who is driving up today from New Jersey. That in itself is a pretty excellent thing to do. But what makes her a superstar is the fact that she is also transporting tonight's dinner: homemade Eggplant Parm, Italian Gravy, Meatballs, Sausages all made yesterday. Yum. And what makes her my personal hero is that she is ALSO transporting up stocks of NJ's finest baked rolls, and assorted yummies from Delicious Orchards, including pie shells and apple cider donuts. Be still my heart.

I'm glad for the company, because it gives me something to dwell on besides your imminent arrival. I can't think about much else. We're 14 days away, which means you can come any time. Annny time now. Yup. I say let's get this whole pregnancy thing over with and get on with meeting you. Thanks for getting out of my ribcage area. That was not fun. Just take the plunge and decide to exit entirely. It will be just fine. I promise.

Please please come soon. I can't take the waiting any more. We're so anxious to see you and hold you and even to change your diapers.





At 8:16 PM, Anonymous JBQ said...

Just mere days and you'll be able to sniff the bast smell in the world: baby feet. And cheeks. And hair. And hands. Ah, baby hands.

We're so excited for you! Have a great time tomorrow!

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Lizzie said...

I am so excited for you. Make sure to keep me posted!


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