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Friday, June 30, 2006

Letters to Someone - Week 8

Dear LL,

Today, I am eight weeks pregnant with you. Remember how I just said you weren't making your presence very well known? Well bollocks to that, because I am sick. Sicksicksick. Called in pregnant to work yesterday. Murphy and I laid in bed all day, in between trips to the bathroom, and moaned piteously. And we napped. Until the power went out and killed the fan in the bedroom, at which point we went back to moaning. I finished Julia Child's autobiography of how she began her culinary career in France, because, you know, what better way to keep your mind off food and its nasty effects on my tummy than to read all about one woman's five-decade foray into French cuisine? Actually, it was a lovely book.

So this week you are the size of a kidney bean. I'm too sick to come up with a clever nickname incorporating kidney beans, so you are still Little Lentil. Every time I get a really strong wave of nausea, your dad and I joke that it's because you're growing a toe. Which is ok with me. They tell me this yuckky stage will pass, and I really hope it happens soon. I am v. cranky. Ooh, except that I've discovered that Megan is right, and crayola ice pops are indeed very delicious!

Also, I want to be not-sick for this weekend, because we're going to be spending the whole holiday at your Grandparents Murphy's house. In honor of your Grandad, whose birthday is on the 4th, the entire family is assembling from NJ, ME, MA, NH, and VT. Yay! And we get to tell everyone about you! I am so excited. My grandparents are going to become great-grandparents, and Nora is about to become an auntie. Am devising clever ways of inserting the news into conversations. I get a kick out of the double-takes. Since you're the first baby of this next generation, you should prepare to get continuous attention (and happy surprises, hopefully) from this point forward. I do hope you're more of an extrovert than I am.

I'm going to visit my favorite yarn shop tomorrow and buy yarn for your first project. Blanket? Sweater? Booties? Don't know yet, but am a little afraid of the tiny ply of baby yarn. And of the gigantic price tags on cashmere. Last time I was there, I saw this baby sweater knitted in lime green, 100% cashmere. Oooh, it was heavenly. At the time, I thanked my stars that I was a.) childless and b.) poor. Well, now I'm with child, and I've just made a payment on my credit card. Watch out world!

I should probably go back to looking like I am busy, and waiting for 5:00 to come around. I hate being non-productive, but this sitting-at-a-desk thing while trying not to vomit is for the birds. I need a popsicle.

Sleep tight. We're loving you!


Your Mama



At 7:28 PM, Blogger jae said...

Oh my goodness...and I am the first blogger to congratulate you!!!!!! yayyyyyyy...(start up melody here) "congratulations to youuuuu, congratulations to youuuu, congratulations dear melinda in vermont, congratulations to you!!!" great job! and pat the daddy on the back too.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous lizzie said...

It's a good thing you are thinking in advance of ways to slip the news into conversations. When Chad and I went over to tell my family, I totally froze. It took an hour of awkwardly standing around while Chad poked me in the side saying "do it now".

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Amy said...

SO what did you tell them? How did it go??


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