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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Happy 5th of July

Editor's Note: This post was delayed due to Blogger upload snafus.

I love the Fourth. It's my dad's birthday, so we usually wind up having a big ole party, which my mother does really well. This year, fourteen family members and four dogs spent the weekend at their house, and (mostly) had a blast. We got to announce about the baby, which was so exciting, and I got lots of sympathy for feeling so yuck. We went swimming in the Resevoir, rode the Alpine slide in Stowe, went to the farmers' market, and barbecued every night. We watched the fireworks in Burlington from the roof of the building where my dad works. They're getting pretty spiffy. I love the sparkly ones.

Some dipshit brought his dog out onto the roof, and the poor creature went bananas when the fireworks started. It had a complete breakdown, broke away, looked like it was going to run off the roof at any second. Ugh. So when he finally caught the dog, does he take it away? No! He tries to wrestle it into calmness and watch the fireworks. After twenty minutes, when he finally left, all the people on the roof applauded. It reminded me of all those poor creatures whose people dragged them to Phish shows and tied them to cars or who let them roam or run away. There were dozens of dogs roaming the fields during Coventry. It made me so mad.

Here I am showing off the afghan to the Knitting Grandmother. All her children (my mother included) think I am out of my skull to actually want to knit. They don't understand the addiction, but everyone wants a (bag, blanket, fill-in-the-project here).

I'll leave you now with this last picture. That's my husband under there, who valiantly tried to stay awake past 9pm every night. I found him asleep like this a couple hours later. That is Nora's giant reindeer. Discuss amongst yourselves.


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