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Thursday, April 26, 2007


It just, and I mean just got out of the twenties and thirties during the day here. People are still boiling maple syrup, which means night temps below freezing. I have packed up all the scarves, hats, mittens, and full body armor, but haven't yet put the box away. Because in Vermont you never know.

So why the fuck am I killing mosquitoes in the house?

It's seriously enough to make me twitchy. Also, it's quarter to midnight and I am still awake. This used to be par for the course. Now I'm living in mortal dread of the wake-up call that will be coming in the next two hours. I love the nighttime nursing. I worked damn hard for this privilege. However. When you're nodding off over the baby...not so good.

And just because it's my blog, I'm going to make y'all emerge from your dark little lurky corners. You can thank JH and RB. And the super nice people I've never met nor heard from until I went to have a baby and disappeared into the ether for a few weeks, who left me messages welcoming me back.

You're tagged.

If you're reading this post, you've now been compelled to leave a comment acknowledging your presence. Even if you're a strict wallflower. Enquiring minds want to know how many people actually frequent this little blog. We'll consider it a census, shall we? How many people will be here over the next week? Ten? Fifteen? It'll be a small community, but an interesting one. And just for fun, why don't you leave word on how you know me, if you know me. This'll be almost as much fun as Megan's annual surveys!

I feel the need to knit...something. The carpal tunnel is gone, and I accidentally (slightly) felted my Knitting Olympics blanket. Any good patterns out there?


At 12:23 AM, Blogger Rochelle said...

I am up at 12:20 with no sign of falling asleep in sight! I'm with you out here in the ether. I'm listening to Onion rooting around in the closet, looking for God knows what. I hear the clock ticking...and that's about it. Knitting patterns, eh? Ever tried needle felting? I've been considering it, but haven't gotten around to acquiring any roving. It seems fairly instant-gratification, cute, and versatile.

At 9:11 AM, Anonymous jbq said...

OH. MY. GOD. I lost a multi-paragraph comment again. Quinn'll have a heart attack if I type it all over again.


check out "Ask Moxie" for tips on nighttime insomnia--she's awesome and so are the comments

try cosleeping and nursing on your side--I found that Q and I both feel asleep better that way during/after night feedings


At 1:48 PM, Blogger Auntslappy said...

Hey- I found your blog one day while browsing- think I even hit the "next blog" button up top. I saw your baby ticker at the top and I sent the link to my co-worker because she had just found out she was pregnant too. Well, she is due in July and we've been reading ever since!

I'm not a knitter but occasionally quilt. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Liam is ADORABLE!!

At 3:13 PM, Anonymous Amy said...

I knew Melinda when she was a Jersey girl. We were overachievers at a high school pilot program. She worked at Jersey Freeze and served ice cream to Bruce Springstein. And to Tony Soprano too, which is why he became so fat. And we were in drama club with a real life movie star. Well, at least one of those is true. We once kidnapped a minister's daughter and took her to the Jersey shore for a slurpee. I never would have imagined my strawberry blonde friend would end up in the boonies in Vermont. What's up with that? I've known all her boyfriends, but have yet to meet the husband. I check out the blog once a week or so, whenever my crazy billable hours give me a moment of peace, to see what's happening up there. I look forward to meeting Liam and Glenn at some point!

At 4:59 PM, Blogger Neville said...

Amy sent me here. I do what she tells me. Otherwise there's trouble.

At 5:21 PM, Blogger Megan said...

I know Melinda from St Mary's...I have no problems sleeping through the night (I should probably bite my tongue since Day Care called about Brady's temp)...Somehow I've heard of tagging, but I have no idea what it means.
I believe that Melinda is an excellent writer and have been tracking her inner thoughts since 1995 or 96 through "the book" with all sorts of interesting contributers...perhaps I will scan for her and she can decide whether to post.
Also Liam is cute. Very cute.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous jbq said...

I never said how I know Melinda . . . we were the first of the "young set" at UPNE. Somehow we made it through various battles-- including shushings and forbidden scents--with the "older set." Melinda was the first person that actually convinced me to exercise and to really enjoy it even when I fell over (Ashtanga yoga). And I fell over A LOT.

Now we're both mommies, and it impresses me so much that she was able to continue to breastfeed--and wanted to!--after all of the early struggles. As much as I love to nurse Quinn, I'm not sure our nursing relationship would have survived the beating that Melinda took those first few weeks. Yay MF!

At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can get these crazy blog trackers that not only tell you how many new and repeat visitors come to your blog each day, but also where they are geographically. Wild.
I met you because we dated the same guy but not at the same time and at first you didn't like me but then we bonded because he sent us both the same cheesy love poem, just changed the name at the top of the page. Then we lived together for a while and one summer I didn't have a bed so we shared one and all the bugs in the house crawled into that thing and bit me but left you alone. Also there was that time Galaxy jumped on my face. And some other stuff.

At 7:18 PM, Anonymous JH said...

I've been reading Knits and Plants for a while because I miss Melinda. I used to work with her at UPNE, too. I learned to knit from the ladies at UPNE, but I've been terrible at keeping up with it. I'm here for the Ferriot family news, plus Liam and Murphy pictures.

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Megan said...

Whatever happened to Galaxy?


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