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Thursday, April 12, 2007

i heart snow

no really. I do. And I really love it when it keeps me from my last mommy/baby group and a much needed tooth-cleaning appointment.

Snow is supposed to come in November. Maybe even October. Definitely in December. Clearly in January and February. But mid-April?? NON!

Still, it's a fitting end to my time at home with the bebe. And it makes me kind-of, well, ready to go back to work. I have so much to thank my coworkers and my boss for. They're allowing me to take Liam back to work with me. And get this: we've only got four offices in a space that holds eleven people. One of those four just gave me her office (with a door!) while Liam comes to work with me. I mean, wow. She heads an entire department, and she's going to hang out in my space while I encamp in her office. She just made me way, way more certain that I can make this thing work. How cool is that??

I've been preparing my list of things I need to bring back to work with me. It's long. I bought a travel swing, only to find out that Liam will only go to sleep (or zone out) in the full-size cradle swing. The one that weighs 60 pounds. So that has to come. Plus a bouncy seat, a carrier, a sling, backup clothes for me and Liam, a diaper station, and goodness knows what else I can come up with. Ummm, anything else I need? I wish I had a mentor for this kind of arrangement.

In the meantime, have I mentioned how fiercely I love this little creature?


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous JH said...

Yay, Liam gets to come to work with you! I was just thinking this morning what would have happened if we were still at Court St. It's possible that Sarah would have had to fire her whole department for lack of productivity. Who could work when Liam just hangs out looking so like the adorable baby version of Rodin's Thinker?


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