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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Letters to Someone - Week 15

Dear Little Lentil,

Congratulations baby! You are now big enough to warrant a description that has nothing to do with comparisons to fruit, vegetables or other edibles. You're 4 inches long and your Mama now has a tummy.

Last night, I packed up all my summer pre-pregnancy clothes. It was a little sad. I have about 900 cami/tankini things and they're all looking more like bras now. Or they would, if my bosom fit in them. Thank goodness for Moria Fahey, who donated all her maternity clothes to me. Even though she's inches taller and 20 pounds lighter, I am optimistic. And today, I am wearing bona fide maternity clothes for the first time. The jeans won't exactly stay up, but they're loads more comfortable than my own.

Three more weeks until your ultrasound. Don't know how I'm gonna make it until then. The suspense is killing me. Some people seem to have an idea what they're carrying, but I have no clue. I can't wait to know about you. We're close to deciding on your name. We've got our own list, which we're keeping a secret, but we've also solicited from our nearest and dearest. It's a pretty good list. Without adding in any of our own choices, as of today, you could be named any of the following:

If you're a girl,

If you're a boy,
Liam (3)
Aidan (2)

Quite a mix! One day when you're older, we'll show you this and you can think about how different your life would have been if we'd named you Ashling. I, for one, was almost named Duane in honor of the death of Duane Allman. He's part of the Allman....oh nevermind. Thank god your grandfather sobered up in time.

We've been busy finishing off the basement which will double our living space. It's quite a project and your father has been a trooper. Let's hope that it's finished well before your arrival and that you don't have to know anything about it.

We watched this amazing National Geographic show called "In the Womb." Amazing. It was astounding how much they know now about your development and what it looks like. And even though I can't feel you, I know you're doing the most crazy backflips and rockette kicks right now. You go, baby. Get it all out of your system now before you come in contact with my ribcage. Your dad was really interested in the whole thing. Well, except for the birth part. We're watching the delivery sequence, and the poor mother is howling, and your father says, "It can't hurt that bad, can it?" It's an awfully good thing that he was sitting far away from me, and that my reaction times are slowed. In retaliation, he gets diaper duty for the first month straight. Make 'em stinky.

I hope you're growing well and dreaming well too. And moving those little baby limbs! I'm trying to get you outside as much as possible before it gets cold. We picked blackberries last Saturday and made a pie. Hope you liked it.


Your mama



At 8:48 PM, Blogger Leda said...

I have long loved the name Ben/Benjamin, but, as we well know, that name has officially been stricken from the list into which I can dip for children's names.

Claire is a long-standing goodie, in my book, too: classic, more popular in the 50s than now. I know a Claire who's probably about 5 years old now.

I've always valued the fact that I'm the only one with my name in any given situation/grade/college/100 square miles; it allows for a cultivated sense of uniqueness. When in my mind I name my yet-to-be-conceived children, it's something I aim for.

At 8:03 PM, Anonymous JBQ said...

I'm so glad you're back again!

What wonderful names! Quinn votes for Quinn, of course. I forgot to send names to you--I suggest Eliza and Henry. Since you don't know my sister, I think it would be safe to share her name--Caia Lily. I think it's beautiful, and personally love Lily.

Ah/ugh, maternity wear. I suggest heading to Dunkin' Donuts as soon as possible. I got a free donut the first day I wore my maternity clothes!

Love to you and Glenn and LL!


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